Watch Your Business Grow: 5 Reasons to Use Adriel Right Now


Your brand has been scared into the world of digital marketing. Besides traditional media buys, your marketing dollars have gone into Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Coming up with amazing content for your audience is both a nightmare and daily struggle. Worst yet, you find yourself knee-deep in the execution and nitty gritty, which leaves you no room for strategic thinking. Thanks to the ingenuity of two savvy experts, this madness ends today.

Here are 5 reasons why we need to use Adriel for all-in-one digital advertising.

1. Free up time and resources

Introducing Adriel, designed to make digital marketing smart and intuitive for busy business owners like you. Simply tell Adriel about your business, and sit back as its built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) churns out an optimised digital marketing plan for you. Developed with machine learning-based technology, Adriel is able to collect and analyse data, while recommending the most effective strategy in real time.

Once confirmed by the user, Adriel automatically executes the marketing campaign, within a set budget of your choice.

2. Lose the marketing jargons

Entrepreneurs around the world are losing sleep over the ever-changing digital marketing landscape. What is DSP, CPC and CPM, and how do interstitial ads work?

Adriel eliminates the need for you to research and pick up new marketing jargons and concepts. After all, digital marketing should not be a hurdle, but a gateway to your business’ success. Get on board Adriel, and enthrall your audiences before your competitors do.

3. Access data-driven marketing expertise

Full-service digital marketing agencies often charge premium fees and require a minimum media spend budget of $5,000 per month, which can send smaller businesses reeling. In addition, larger agencies are usually tied up with specific media partners that don’t necessarily provide the most effective media mix. Marketing strategies by agencies are also usually founded on their experiences, which may not translate into continuous optimisation and expansion of channels.

Adriel, which is able to machine-learn, can quickly establish the most effective digital marketing strategy keeping in mind your targets, channels, budget and more. If you are running offline stores, Adriel will show your ads to people nearby, who are more inclined to respond to your ads. Today, Adriel is connected to Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram, which represent over 90% of digital ad channels worldwide, making it possible to generate the most effective marketing strategy for you.

4. Overcome design challenges

Ads are never a one-size-fits-all type of project. They usually comprise three main elements — branding, message and call-to-action. Behind every successful ad is a design planning process that takes into account colour, typefaces, placements, and images. This takes up considerable time and effort — especially for design-challenged marketers.

Creating banner ads is now easy and inexpensive with Adriel. Drawing information from your website, product images and copy, Adriel automatically selects the right font type, locates texts, customises the ad size and adjusts images according to the display specifications of various channels. This ensures that ad deliverables are produced in the right image size and format, in record time.

5. Stretch your marketing budget

With your marketing campaign underway, you will need numerical insights into what is working, and what’s not.

To evaluate ad performance, Adriel furnishes you with easy-to-understand daily reports on top-level results and data. You may also deep dive into aspects of your account to draw learning outcomes that can be fed into future campaigns.

Using active learning technology, Adriel designs the most effective data collection process that optimizes ad channels and targets. It is able to learn the parameters of the most successful ad campaigns in order to continuously improve its ad strategy, and offer recommendations to increase your ad performance.

We are ushering in a new AI-driven era that promises strategic and creative potential, and Adriel appears to be the new face of productivity, efficiency, and profitability. Will you be coming on board?