3 Mind-Blowing Ways AI is Disrupting Digital Marketing


Anyone who has run or tried running ads on the internet would get this: We are forever on a frustrated quest to find the perfect formula of online marketing applications.We all know that bottom line of every marketing campaign is to increase awareness and maximize conversion.

But what if we tell you that there is someone who can help you skip all the application-testing processes, trawling of traffic, index and crawl data, and simply present to you what you are after?

Meet Adriel. He is not a person, he is better than a human. He is Artificial Intelligence that sets up and runs best digital advertisement for your business.

Adriel may be the closest thing of a super-human from the future that you would encounter. Come up with banner ads, establish global ad network connection, figure out customers to target and execute all of these smoothly. He would also give you daily feedback and recommend strategies to grow your business. Sign him on, you would say!

Plus, there is a team of marketers behind every campaign strategy proposal which would minimize possible errors and move things along coherently with human touch. So you can say it’s a teamwork between AI and humans!

He Knows More Than Anyone, Works Faster Than Anyone

Artificial Intelligence is an intellectual capacity derived from observation and trials over and over again. This process of machine-learning is key to cram knowledge into the computers.

According to Tractica Research, revenue generated from the direct and indirect application of AI software is estimated to grow from $643.7 million in 2016 to $36.8 billion by 2025.

With this in view, the advanced technology used by Adriel enables not only to think using what AI learns from examples but also what comes from unstructured data including content of images and languages.

In an autonomous way, Adriel accepts input from users and his deep-learning expertise digests it for a while before coming up with answers: a complete Campaign Strategy Proposal, with a schedule, budget, estimated daily result and other data. Turnaround time from the completion of input through chatbot to proposal delivery is approximately 24 hours. We hope to under-promise but over-deliver, so this timeframe could actually be shorter.

If you have yet to dabble in digital advertising and have no traffic to speak of, Adriel would design one and lay it out for you as simple as possible. Adriel’s analysis report would include infographic of audience profile and map of audience journey.

Sure, you may also have been out and about and know about tools that can help you and your online marketing efforts. But opt in for help in data analytics would get you assistance in installing Google Analytic and/or Facebook Pixel, each of which tracks customers’ behaviours on your website.

Boost Sales like Never Before

The idea of machine-learning algorithm that creates a thing which stops being a thing and starts having its own experiences might be a bit scary. Unusual, at the very least.

But if there is a barrier to start using Artificial Intelligence in your everyday life and business, it is largely psychological. Your hardware is ready. Your software probably has some limitations, nothing that cannot be sorted out. But to work together with Adriel is simply, a conversation.

In a web analytics framework, an organization measures and tests their existing social media presence, identify needs, define objectives, implement tools, collect and analyze data, implement insight and then back to measuring and testing again. This is continuously done. There will be new insights, new business objectives, new customers, new technology, new regulations and new trends to take into account.

Adriel will be the marketing department you did not know you have, analyzes data accessible to him and free you from much of the work.

It is Just So Easy to Use

A visit to the website would automatically invite you to a free trial. Adriel welcomes you and you can talk to him by answering some simple questions, generated based on your answers.

For example, he wants to know if you have a business website and/or Facebook page, what your business is about, target audience and business conversion aimed. If you supply a tagline and an image, he would come up with a proposed advertisement which is unambiguously clear and pleasantly eye-catching.

Interestingly, not only he does the work of a whole advertising agency quickly, he cuts the cost that should do wonders for your ROI.

It seems the future is already here. Say hello to Adriel.